Three Dollars

Three Dollars

By  Elliot Perlman

The groundbreaking classic about economic rationalism and its effect on good, honest people.

The groundbreaking novel about economic rationalism and its effect on good, honest people.

At once humorous and dramatic, Three Dollars is about Eddie, an honest, compassionate man who finds himself, at the age of 38, with a wife, a child and three dollars. How did he get that way? And who is Amanda?

He cared about people; he was, Amanda notwithstanding, a good husband, father and son. At any other time the world would have smiled on him. But this was the nineties and the world valued other things.

Three Dollars chronicles the present breach of the social contract and its effect on a home near you. It is a brilliantly deft portrait of a man attempting to retain his humanity, his family and his sense of humour in grim and pitiless times: times of downsizing, outsourcing and privatising. It is about the legacy of Thatcherism and its effects on people and their relationships.

'Few novels ever dare to fuse emotional and economic life with the passionate intelligence of this one' -- Independent (UK)

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October 3, 2011

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September 28, 2011

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