Mr Maybe

Mr Maybe

By Jane Green

No strings attached . . .
At twenty-seven, Libby thinks there's a lot to be said for a rich husband. So when Nick comes along - lovely, funny, handsome Nick, who has no money whatsoever, lives in a seedy North London flat and thinks the perfect night out consists of the pub and a few pints - she decides he's only good for a fling.
. . . or a rock on her finger
On the other hand, there's investment banker Ed. His Regent's Park house just about makes up for his hideous moustache. Sure, he's irritating, but he's crazy about her . . .
Libby's left with one or two big life choices: does she want happiness or security? Commitment or true love? Should she follow her head or her heart?

Praise for Jane Green
'Green writes with acerbic wit about the law of the dating jungle'
Sunday Express
'The queen of the beach read'

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June 24, 1999

Penguin General UK (UK Adult)

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