Mia Culpa

Mia Culpa

By Mia Freedman

From bestselling author, columnist and social commentator Mia Freedman comes a funny, honest, poignant assessment of the excruciating details that make up a woman's life.

'Mia Culpa is often very funny, and sometimes very serious.'

'Engaging stuff.'

Sometimes, when I meet someone new and I tell them I'm a writer, they ask  'What do you write about?' Tricky question. It's a lot like asking a woman who's just come home from a girls' dinner 'What did you talk about?'  The short answer? 
When Mia Freedman talks, people listen. Perhaps not her husband. Or her children. But other people. Women. Mia has a knack for putting into words the dilemmas, delights and dramas of women everywhere. The new rules for dating in the internet-romance age? Yep, tricky stuff. Things are not what they used to be. And sex talk at the dinner table? Appropriate or not? Perhaps not, unless in an educational capacity and even then some things are best left unsaid . . .
With intrepid curiosity and a delicious sense of humour, Mia navigates her way through the topics – great and small – of modern life.

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January 3, 2012

Penguin (AU Adult)

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February 23, 2011

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