Captain Clawbeak And The Red Herring

Captain Clawbeak And The Red Herring

By  Anne Morgan

‘Ahoy there, Johnnycake! Captain Clawbeak’s the name’. Feather duster one-eyed parrot, Clawbeak, escapes from Fang, the cat from hell, and is rescued by a boy on a mission to find the perfect pirate story.

Jack Dawkins is trying to find the inspiration for a pirate story - it's a school project. But he doesn't know any pirates and his dad won't let him have a parrrot. But then he meets Captain Clawbeak and he has more story than her ever imagined and a pirate's treasure map thrown in. And a lasting friendship between a boy and parrot is formed in the blood. That's the way it is with pirates.

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April 3, 2006

Random House Australia Children's

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November 1, 2012

RHA eBooks Child

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