The Push

The Push

By  Julia Lawrinson

Love is just about the only hold anyone can have over another person; if you have that, nothing else is necessary.
'Is she - was she with Johnno?' asked Erica.
'It doesn't work like that,' Trish said. 'It's more . . . fluid.'
Erica is restless for a life outside her office job, the man she dates and her mother's small house in the slummy inner city.
So when she meets a 'bad' bunch known as the Push, she is quickly drawn to them. They have no respect for money, or marriage, or careers, or any of the usual things. They offer the freedom Erica is longing for - but can she handle it?
Set in 1950s Sydney, this is a dramatic tale about growing up and making choices from the author of Bye, Beautiful.

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May 5, 2008

Penguin eBooks (AU YR)

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