The Krays: A Violent Business

The Krays: A Violent Business

The Definitive Inside Story of Britain's Most Notorious Brothers in Crime

By  Colin Fry

Forget the hype, forget the glamour – this is how it really was with the Krays

Ron and Reg Kray, the most notorious and vicious gangsters Britain has ever produced, used everything and everyone to get what they wanted – and if anyone got in their way, then they would get in his. That meant getting rid of the competition. Violence was a part of their trade – both in and out of the boxing ring. They used it, or the threat of it, throughout their lives. This book unravels the complex lives of the three Kray brothers, the true extent of their crimes, the duplicitous dealings of Ron and reg even from behind prison bars. It looks at why Charlie Kray turned to drugs as his only salvation and examines the reasons why some have found the Krays fatally attractive. The Krays: A Violent Business strips away the myths that have grown up around the brothers, going behind the scenes to lay bare the tactics the twins used to ensure they succeeded against all the odds. Painting a vivid picture of the brothers’ world, it exposes how they rose to the top of the criminal tree – how they became the biggest, the best, the most notorious criminals of all time.

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August 15, 2011

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