Ranger's Apprentice 11: The Lost Stories

Ranger's Apprentice 11: The Lost Stories

By John A Flanagan

Excitement, drama and action — and the answers to all your burning questions!

Everyone knows the legends of Araluen, from Ranger's apprentice Will's narrow escape in Skandia to the time Horace became friends with the Emperor of Nihon-Ja, from the story of how Princess Cassandra became known as Evanlyn to the story of Alyss's imprisonment in the Castle of Macindaw. But what about the lost stories — the ones that have been rumoured throughout the centuries, but no one has been able to prove? Finally, in the archeological remains of a small house in a forest, the answers have been found... What did Gilan do while Halt and Horace set off for Skandia to rescue Will? Has Halt told Will the true story of what happened when Will's parents died? What happens to Ranger horses when they grow too old to keep up with their duties? Did Horace and Cassandra ever get married? Ranger's Apprentice fans will love this collection of stories, covering the entire span of the series, from Will's birth to events after book 10 that will lead into the next book in the series. Many of the stories answer questions that fans have asked over the years, and feature fans' favourite characters.

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October 3, 2011

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