The Lost Dogs: Juliet, Nearly a Vet (Book 7)

The Lost Dogs: Juliet, Nearly a Vet (Book 7)

By  Rebecca Johnson, Kyla May

Juliet Nearly a Vet is a popular animal series for children aged 7-10 by Rebecca Johnson, with gorgeous illustrations by local illustrator Kyla May. Perfect for children who love animals.

Kyla May


Hi! I'm Juliet. I'm nearly ten years old. And I'm nearly a vet!

There was a huge storm last night and now there are lots of lost dogs. One turned up outside my window (he must have known I'm nearly a vet). Luckily, Chelsea, Mum and I are helping out at the Lost Dogs' Home.

I hope we can find all of their owners, because Dad definitely won't let us have another dog!

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August 27, 2014

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August 26, 2014

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