Life in the Saddle: Adventures of Legendary Horseman, the Kokotunga Kid

Life in the Saddle: Adventures of Legendary Horseman, the Kokotunga Kid

By  Alwyn Torenbeek, David Gilchrist

The amazing life story of bush legend Alwyn Torenbeek: rodeo champion, stockman and endurance rider.

'It doesn't matter if there are four thousand people watching or just four – you're a horseman, roughrider, entertainer. At that moment, rodeo has you bitten and it doesn't let you go. You just want another ride. I remember them all and how it all started.'

Alywn Torenbeek's – the Kokotunga Kid – left his outback hometown at fourteen, looking for adventure. He took with him a bushman's spirit, an uncanny natural ability for horseriding and a determination to succeed. By the time he was 21, he was a national and international rodeo champion.

When fate put an end to his roughriding career, Alwyn went on to be a stockman, drover and station manager. A devoted family man, he was encouraged to take up endurance riding by his great friend, the legendary R.M. Williams, and is still competing more than four decades later.

A riveting tale of adventure, romance, tradegy and mateship. Alwyn's story is also a tribute to the outback and the characters who make it special. From Winton to Wanganui, this is the ride of a lifetime.
'A non-stop adventure and an amazing insight into a by-gone era.' Queensland Times

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July 24, 2013

Penguin eBooks (AU Adult)

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