Moonshadow 1: Eye of the Beast

Moonshadow 1: Eye of the Beast

By  Simon Higgins

Know your enemy . . . Steal his secret . . . Beware the girl . . .

Trained by a secret brotherhood. Charged with the fate of his world. Able to see through the eyes of animals. Young Moonshadow is an agent of the elite Grey Light order, spying for the Shogun of Japan at the dawn of an age of peace. But fanatical warlords plot to plunge the nation back into chaos using a foreign secret weapon. Up against Moonshadow on his first mission are seasoned spies, rogue samurai and most dangerous of all . . . a beautiful girl. Can Moon's courage, sword and unique powers prevent his land sliding back into civil war?

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August 1, 2008

Random House Australia Children's

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May 1, 2010

RHA eBooks Child

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