To Love, Honour And Betray

To Love, Honour And Betray

He made love, and now it's war!

By  Kathy Lette

The best selling book by the Queen of the Quip, now in paperback!

Lucy is so happily married to Jasper she has to look down to see Cloud Nine. So when Jasper takes a job in Australia for a year, the family leave London for a Sydney beachside suburb to be by his side. But then Jasper walks out and Lucy finds herself marooned in an unfamiliar country with two traumatized daughters. As her marriage goes into meltdown, Lucy finds herself fighting a vicious custody battle. Will she win? Will she ever regain the respect of her rebellious teenage daughter? Can she stand on her own two stilettos - and maybe even learn to love again? Hilarious and moving by turns, Kathy Lette's brilliant new novel is a survival guide for anyone who has realized that the perfect marriage is like an orgasm many of them are faked.

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May 1, 2010

Transworld Digital

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