The Songbird Sisters

The Songbird Sisters

By  Rachael Herron

Rachael Herron once again hits all the right notes in this witty rural romantic comedy, featuring the country singing sisters The Darling Songbirds.

Finally back together after more than a decade apart, the country-singing sisters The Darling Songbirds are back in harmony, and finding love, in this sparkling rural rom-com.

When their world-famous country band The Darling Songbirds split up acrimoniously, sisters Adele, Molly and Lana went their separate ways.

A decade on, Adele and Molly have finally reconciled. However Lana has remained stubbornly estranged – until now . . .

Lana Darling has got royalties pouring into her bank account, thanks to the song she sold to another singer, but she’s never made it as a solo artist. Perhaps now it’s time to give up the music industry for good.

Yet when she heads home to Darling Bay, she has hunky country music star Taft Hill hot on her heels. He’s not prepared to let her call it quits – especially when he needs new songs for his album . . .

Lana and Taft have a history – and both have secrets to hide. But when events take an unexpected turn, will Lana choose her career? Or Taft? Or the long-awaited chance to get back in harmony with her songbird sisters?

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April 3, 2017

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April 3, 2017

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Lana Darling had been home for ten minutes and she already wanted to run away.

Darling Bay, the sparkling little town on the ocean on the rugged California coast. With every crunch Lana’s boot heels made in the gravel and with every chattering chirp her two sisters made as they walked behind her, she wondered if coming home had been the right thing to do.

It was funny – the very light was familiar to her. The sun felt different here, brighter somehow. More cheerful than anywhere else. It smelled like home, too – like pretzels and salt air and sugar from the cotton-candy stand.

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