The Land Boomers

The Land Boomers

By  Michael Cannon

The extraordinary study of boomtime Australia by Michael Cannon, now profusely illustrated with contemporary, photographs, cartoons and etchings.

Boom or bust? What was the truth of the great land booms that swept Australia in the 1880s and 1890s? How was it that some speculators amassed prodigious fortunes, while others went so spectacularly broke?<br>
Seventy years after the events, historian Michael Cannon began sifting through thousands of records and documents, long since filed and forgotten. He pieced together an incredible trail of corruption and roguery, rarely if ever equalled in any parliamentary democracy.<br>
When the bare bones of this exposé were first published in 1966, it caused an immediate sensation as the forebears of many well-known families were involved. Never before had any Australian historian been able to document such unbridled greed and over-riding ambition. Extended and revised, The Land Boomers is generously illustrated with cartoons, photographs and etchings of the time, and includes an introduction by the author on how he came to research and write the book.

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May 1, 1995

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