Return Of Little Big Man

Return Of Little Big Man

By  Thomas Berger

Jack Crabb was 111 when he originally dictated his memoirs as they appeared in Berger's Little Big Man His supposed death cut short his tale just as he was recounting how he was the last white survivor of Custer's Last Stand. A newly-discovered manuscript, however, reveals that Jack faked his death to get out of his publishing contract. Now, in the long-awaited sequel to a literary classic, he completes the story of his extraordinary life. He tells of the legendary gunfight at the OK Corral and the assassination of Wild Bill Hickok. He introduces readers to the likes of Bat Masterson, Annie Oakley, Doc Holliday, and to dozens of bargirls, saloon-owners and gunslingers who peopled the West. Jack relates how he travelled to Europe with Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show and took tea with Queen Victoria. Finally, we discover who was behind the dastardly murder of Sitting Bull.

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August 1, 2002

Vintage Classics

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