The Power of No: Take Back Your Life with a Two Letter Word

The Power of No: Take Back Your Life with a Two Letter Word

By  Beth Wareham

The terrible 'yes years'. You know them well. You're suckered into unflattering hairdos, back-fat-exposing blouses, bad dates, worse relationships and treacherous work situations, all because you can't say that all-important two-letter word: N-O.
With healthy doses of irreverence and humour, author Beth Wareham explains:
• how deft use of the word no right at the start sets the tenor of a new relationship
• why marriage is no's rich playground and a well-no'd husband makes a happy mate
• how the word no can help anyone navigate the less appealing moments of daily life – and sometimes even change the world
Wareham's tips are complemented by illustrations by young New Yorker cartoonist Carolita Johnson. The Power of No is the perfect book for women who may have been passed over for promotions, dated a string of losers, or just want to carve out a little extra time for themselves.

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May 31, 2010

Hay House (Adult)

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