Peace and Plenty

Peace and Plenty

Finding your path to financial security

By  Sarah Ban Breathnach

Sarah Ban Breathnach takes a nostalgic look back to the Great Depression, the lessons learned and the truth behind her own recent fall from financial grace, to offer practical advice to those struggling in today's harsh economic climate.

With the grace of her groundbreaking bestseller Simple Abundance, Sarah Ban Breathnach returns, offering a fresh start for women who have lost their financial and spiritual way in the world. ‘When money is plentiful, this is a man’s world. When money is scarce, it is a woman’s world.’ Unearthed in a 1932 Ladies’ Home Journal, this quote is the call to arms that begins… PEACE and PLENTY This book is Sarah Ban Breathnach’s answer to the world’s – and her own personal – fiscal crisis. Here, as she weaves together this compendium of advice, stories from her life, and excerpts from magazines, books and newspapers – particularly from the Great Depression – she inspires and motivates readers who are mired in economic problems today. Focusing on her own journey, Sarah relates never-before-revealed details about how she fell from the financial top to the bottom. Readers will immediately feel how deeply she understands the plight of those trying to maintain a happy and comfortable home, while not even knowing if they will be able to make the mortgage payments to keep that home. For years, Sarah has been a reassuring guide, illuminating the beauty and meaning in the everyday. Now, in this enlightening book, she reaches out to those who are financially strapped, showing them how to pull themselves out of their psychological and monetary difficulties as she provides support and cheer along the way.

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