Dragon Age Omnibus

Dragon Age Omnibus

By  David Gaider, Alexander Freed

Bioware's bestselling franchise Dragon Age lives on in these essential, canonical comics from Dark Horse--now in an affordable omnibus format!

Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider pens an exciting tale following King Alistair as he journeys across Thedas to discover the fate of his father. Joined by rogues Isabela and Varric, together they will encounter dragons, prison breaks, the mysterious Witch of the Wilds, and the deadly blood mage, Aurelian Titus! Collects Dragon Age miniseries The Silent Grove, Those Who Speak, and Until We Sleep.

   • Written by Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider!
   • Canonical addition to the Dragon Age universe!
   • Now available in an affordable paperback omnibus!

   • Dragon Age Volume 1: Silent Grove (Issues# 1-6)
   • Dragon Age Volume 2: Those Who Speak (Issues #1-3)
   • Dragon Age Volume 3: Until We Sleep (Issues #1-3)

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Trade Paperback


December 15, 2016

Dark Horse Books

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