Dog Days: Australia After the Boom: Redbacks

Dog Days: Australia After the Boom: Redbacks

By  Ross Garnaut

A blueprint for the nation after the boom.
Australians have just lived through a period of exceptional prosperity, but, says influential economist Ross Garnaut, the Dog Days are on their way. Are we ready for the challenges ahead?
In Dog Days, Garnaut explains how we got here, what we can expect next and the tough choices we need to make to survive the new economic conditions. Are we clever enough – and our leaders courageous enough – to change what needs to be changed and preserve a fair and prosperous Australia?
This is a book about the future by a leading adviser to government and business, someone with a proven record of seeing where the nation is going. Both forecast and analysis, it heralds a new era for Australia after the boom.
'the nation's most prophetic economist'—Ross Gittins
'a brilliant guide to the future of the Australian economy'—Max Corden
'This book is a must-read for anyone concerned with the economic and social future of Australia. Garnaut brings to the task one of our most penetrating economic minds in an astringent analysis of the challenges facing us. He presents a wide-ranging and detailed set of policies to meet those challenges successfully. The book is lucid, compelling and unburdened by political bias.'—Bob Hawke

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November 15, 2013


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