Classic Peranakan Cooking

Classic Peranakan Cooking

By Marshall Cavendish Cuisine

The Peranakans, or Straits Chinese, are a people whose culture is characterised by a blend of Chinese and Malay beliefs, customs and practices. Beginning with the same foundation several centuries ago, their cuisine grew and became refined with Indonesian, Thai, Indian and even colonial influences. Rich with aromatic herbs and spices, as well as tropical produce such as coconut, pineapple and cassava, the 60 recipes featured here are time-tested classics distilled from generations of creative experimentation and ingenious adaptation by the fastidious Peranakan cooks of old. Emerging from truly multi-cultural roots, Peranakan food defies any comfortable definition other than being in a class of its own. Experience a unique taste of Southeast Asia with Classic Peranakan Cooking.
60 time-tested Peranakan recipes for both sweet and savoury dishes Includes insightful cooking tips and advice Recipes suitable for use in the modern kitchen Provides an insight into Peranakan culinary traditions

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April 8, 2010

Marshall Cavendish (Adult)

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