Black Jack Anderson

Black Jack Anderson

By  Elaine Forrestal

Anderson and his men came in under the stern of HMS Shannon, jammed her rudder and scrambled up her ropes.
But the captain had been looking out for them. He had orders to capture Anderson if he came within range, and to take him to Hobart for trial. At pistol point, the captain called on Anderson to surrender.
Ruthless, passionate, charismatic and complex. Black Jack Anderson made a living by raiding passing ships off the southwest coast of Australia. The massive African-American was notorious in his lifetime, but this towering figure in Australian history has slowly been forgotten... until now.
Elaine Forrestal has written the definitive Australian pirate story - one that will live forever in the memories of all who read it.

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June 27, 2008

Penguin eBooks (AU YR)

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